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Holes in extruded shape


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Hi everyone,

I´m trying to figure out the best way to put holes in an extruded shape.

What I want to get achieved is the upright of a pallet rack with hole patterns on three different sides based on user input.

I want to keep effort and complexity as little as possible.

I already tried two different approaches:

1) create shape, add holes, extrude

2) create shape, extrude, ???

I already went through the "house sample" in the PG, but the workflow there is kinda different:

I want to define the holes (or their coordinates) after having extruded my shape.

Here´s the result of my two tries.

Is there a way to cut holes into an extruded shape by vector3 ccordinates?







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still unsolved
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Thanks folks,

CSG is exactly what I need. It´s pretty straight forward, though.

Unfortunately I didn´t find enough time yesterday evening to code the JS-functions to cut the needed holes over the whole mesh length.

But CSG already became my new friend. ;-)


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Ok, I still Need some help,

I´m using a for loop to create multiple cylinders along the main mesh´s Y-axis to cut holes using CSG.

For some reasing it only cuts out the hole the last cylinder produces.

I´m not sure if i´m using the wrong order of my code lines in the for loop.






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