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PIXI cache on repeated loads?


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I'm certain there will be a way of doing this, but having looked through the docs I'm not seeing the answer...

I'm loading some videos like this:

const videoPathAndName: string = pathTo+'video/'+level+'/video/'+name;

let videotexture = PIXI.VideoBaseTexture.fromUrls([
	{ src: videoPathAndName+'.webm', mime: 'video/webm' },
	{ src: videoPathAndName+'.mp4', mime: 'video/mp4' },
	{ src: videoPathAndName+'.ogv', mime: 'video/ogv' }
videotexture.autoPlay = false;

this._texture = new PIXI.Texture(videotexture);


which works fine.

But, what I wondered was: as I repeat various sections  whether I could check whether the video was already in the cache before trying to load? This would save repeated loads.

Or does the loader handle this already?






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Yeah, that was a wrong turn, although, you should be able to add videos from an element using


I'd hoped to add an id to the DOM element, and then reuse it... (didn't get it to work obviously)

Adding a reference to the baseTexture cache then allows me to retrieve it later

PIXI.utils.BaseTextureCache[this._videoName] = this._videoTexture.baseTexture;
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