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Why are MaterialDefines linked to SubMeshes rather than Materials?


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No bug, no issue today ! ^_^

I was just wondering about the choice of linking materialDefines to subMeshes, rather than directly on materials themselves.

Does that mean that two subMeshes could have the same material, but different defines ?

As the material updates the defines depending on its own properties (not the properties of the subMesh), I can hardly see how it's possible. I would love to see an example of this if you have one.

I mean, I'm missing something. I'm quite sure this choice has been made for a good reason. But I don't get why. :huh:

Thanks for your help !

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You can have two submeshes from 2 differents meshes that share the same material but defines are not the same because they are constructed with data from material AND meshes

For instance:

- active lights come from the mesh

- mesh can turn off fog (mesh.applyFog)

- bones and morph targets come from mesh

- etc..


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