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intelligent projectiles that follow the player.


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Hi, I'm new in the community and I love phaser JS.

I'm developing a platform game. I like to comment my problem with "intelligence projectiles"



I would mention to my problem with "smart missiles".

Basically I do not know how to perform this task.


I am able to handle sprites with animations but I do not know as provide them with "intelligence" to attack the player.

I want the enemy attack the player shooting projectiles that follow.


I attach a picture with my problem.


Any idea? A greeting.


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I have edited the example a little.


So that it reuses bullets and does not create an unlimited amount.


Try to change the speed values in move to object - also you can call it in another foreach loop on the projectiles group, to make them follow the player even after they have been initially shot.


Good luck :)

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