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Inspector Tab Not Clickable


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I am using the babylon inspector bundle .js an when I toggle the layer:

// Toggle Debug Panel
this.manager.onKeyPress(BABYLON.UserInputKey.P, ()=>{

  scene.debugLayer.show({ popup: false, initialTab: 0, parentElement: null })


It shows up fine on the side but I CANNOT 'click' on anything or switch panels... it seems like the mouse input is still in the game... 

My Root Div is at Z-Index: 0

Game Canvas is at Z-Index: 1

And I have a few debug divs at Z-Index: 2

Here is screen shot:


Any clues ???  



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19 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

Does it repro on other browsers?

Can you share the page somewhere?

Yo @Deltakosh here is a demo scene... Press 'P' on your keyboard to TOGGLE the debug panel... When it is open you cannot click on any of the tabs...

Seems like some kind of Z-Index problem or something like that :(

Test Toolkit Scene

Note: WegGL 2 Browser work best :)


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1 hour ago, Deltakosh said:

The stats div block inputs

you should make it child of the root div


I noticed that the Inspector is putting the 'inso-wrapper' div INSIDE my root div... I am passing null as parentElement to the inpspector.show function but it is putting the inso-wrapper inside my root div.... Could that be the issue ???

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9 minutes ago, Deltakosh said:

Let me ping @Temechon


Thanks Bro :)

The work around I have now is to PUT the debug layer in its own div I create on side with absolute position... Then use the div as the parentElement in the scene.debugLayer.show... I just dont get ANY SLIDER/DIV so I CANT expand the debug layer... and the popup option is totally blank and leave the ui in the parentElement Div... But at least I can hit the other tab pages in the debug layer...

Would to figure out what the deal is WITHOUT having to put debugLayer in its own div 

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