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(pre)Load video issue


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I'm having some issues loading videos... I can get them load ok, but, as I've got a number of separate videos that I need to sequence together seamlessly (or as close as possible to) I'm preloading them, or trying to...

...but, despite the texture appearing to have loaded, there's a delay in starting playback.

I've tried a number of things, but would welcome any ideas that anyone has to getting an accurate idea of how much is loaded?

I did have an idea that I could load a video as a blob, but I couldn't find an example of loading an item as a blob and then converting it, any leads on that would be welcome.

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I've tried 3 different ways of loading videos.

1)  Video.fromURL

2) Loading the video as a blob with PIXI Loader

3) Loading video as a blob directly

And, all three behave the same way (albeit with different quirks) in that there will be a response that the video is loaded (so either loader says ok, or the readystate >= 3) but, when I check the network it's clear that not all the data can have loaded - I know the filesize!

I think this is the browser being clever, or maybe PIXI, but it appears canplaythrough is being treated as equivalent to loaded - which I could go with if there wasn't the *noticeable* pause before playback begins.

I did wonder if the pause before playback was a demuxing/decoding thing, but I'm not sure. I'm more inclined to think it's a loading issue.

So, the question is: is there a way for me to load the video completely, with some kind of progress if possible? At the moment loader.progress & resource.progress say 100 when it starts rather than ends.

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