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MegeMeshes VS Instance and how do you?


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I created some 3D letters and am using them because the quality holds up when you zoom in and out. These letters are grouped and positions in small groups to make words like STOP and SLOW and markings.  So I loaded up the letters and numbers individually as babylon scene files. So I can make any word at any time and place them into the scene. 

To make a word I load an external file giving offset and center location of the word. I created instance of the characters on demand and position them accordingly until.. 

That was the background here is the issue. 

I hit a snag. I wanted to rotate some words.  When the letters are independent that math for characters is a little rough like guess work so I was going to MergeMesh them

but they are Instances so that was a bad idea. Then I thought maybe I would use the TransformNode but was not sure that would work on an instanced mesh 

So is there something to group some meshes together and rotate them as a group? 

I guess I could clone the meshes but that would ad performance hit, right?

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In your case I suggest keeping instances as they are by far more performant and only create a parent transform node per word.

Instances can be parented to a transform node and thus you can manipulate all of them through the parent node

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