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Trying to implement "moveToPointer"


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Hi Guys,

so Phaser 2 had a method, game.physics.arcade.moveToPointer() which moved a sprite with a given velocity towards the cursor. It seems like this has been replaced in Phaser 3 by a "moveTo()" method in ArcadePhysics, so I'm trying to reimplement it myself.

I create a spriteGroup:

this.projectiles = this.physics.add.group({collideWorldBounds: true}) 

and then later create & attempt to fire a projectile from within a "fireProjectile" method:

  this.firePlayerProjectile = function(projectileType){
        let projectile = this.projectiles.getFirstDead(true, this.player.sprite.x-16, this.player.sprite.y-32, projectileType);
        this.scene.physics.moveTo(projectile, {x: this.scene.input.x + this.scene.cameras.main.scrollX, y: this.scene.input.y + this.scene.cameras.main.scrollY}, 750);

This does create the projectile sprite in the correct location, but rather than then travelling towards the target location, it just sorta of flashes and disappears after a second.
Can anyone tell what I might be doing wrong? How do I get the projectile to move to a given location (and beyond) at a constant velocity?



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Name Type Attributes Default Description
gameObject Phaser.GameObjects.GameObject     Any Game Object with an Arcade Physics body.
x number     The x coordinate to move towards.
y number     The y coordinate to move towards.
speed number <optional> 60 The speed it will move, in pixels per second (default is 60 pixels/sec)
maxTime number <optional> 0 Time given in milliseconds (1000 = 1 sec). If set the speed is adjusted so the object will arrive at destination in the given number of ms.


So it either moves 750 px/sec or, more likely, bumps right into {NaN, 750}.


this.scene.physics.moveTo(projectile, this.scene.input.x + this.scene.cameras.main.scrollX, this.scene.input.y + this.scene.cameras.main.scrollY, null, 750);
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Ah you're totally right! I was wondering where the NaN was coming from :P 
I got thrown off a bit due to the moveToObject() method taking a {x: y:} object as the destination parameter, I didn't notice that moveTo() was a bit different haha :D

Been scratching my head on this for while, thanks for the help dude

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I've just got this working myself but realised it's not what I need.


How would you move an object so it tracked your mouse cursor 1 to 1 instead of moving towards it.


I tried setting the objects position to the mouse position using this.object.body.x & .y which worked for moving it about on screen but it then ignored all physics collisions in its path.

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