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[waterMaterial] Level water up or down


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I noticed two bug with the waterMaterial.

Place a field at 0, 0, 0 and an object above this field. Then add water some time later. You will see that the terrain is climbing 1.0 on the y axis. It is no longer 0, 0, 0

A second problem is that if you now observe the object, the water drops gently on this PG. On my project, it is the opposite the object is gradually found under water, so the ground goes up very very slowly. You have to wait a minute to fully see the problem.

The water moves up or down and it's very subtle but after a while, a boat can be completely underwater or completely overhead.


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Then after messing around for a while:


Good catch.

Simple fix I bet.

Another problem I have noticed is reflection problems tword the bottom of the viewpoint when you are close to the water looking out nearly perpendicular.
 It seems to stretch the reflection.

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I can almost guarantee its:

	vec3 p = position;
	float newY = (sin(((p.x / 0.05) + time * waveSpeed)) * waveHeight * windDirection.x * 5.0)
			   + (cos(((p.z / 0.05) +  time * waveSpeed)) * waveHeight * windDirection.y * 5.0);
	p.y += abs(newY);

I would just see if we can nerf out the p.y+=abs(newY) for now if that it will fix it.

...Nope that did not seem to fix it...

Hmmm I gotta do some thinking now.

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actually it looks like what I am doing is not replacing the shader, so I bet it would fix it if the changes I made propagated.

That is the only place anywhere on the shader that it manipulates the height so has to be responsible for that glitch.

Perhaps a Parallax Displacement would work better?

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