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How to use mouse to change the size of a cube?


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Hi everyone! What I'm trying to do is to display a cube on the screen and I can use mouse to change the size of the cube.

The idea is

1. Display a cube on the center of the screen.

2. Hold the left key of the mouse then point the cursor to any part of the cube and flip along a certain direction. The cube's size will grow along the fliiping direction.(You can image this like your finger flipping on the iPhone sceen)

3. I can rotate the cube using mouse.

I'm very new to babylon.js. Hope you can give a little clue. Thank you sooooo much!

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Hiya S!  Umm... here's a cool playground.


Mouse-drag does one thing, CONTROL-mousedrag does another thing, SHIFT-mousedrag does a third thing, ALT-mousedrag does a fourth.

There's quite a bit to be learned from experimenting with that playground.  Grab its zip... take it home... or make more playground versions.... edit/save as many as you wish.

I think this will be a good start for you.  Ask more questions if you wish... we're here.  :)

The model-loading method used in that playground... is a bit "older".  You might wish to remove it and just use some simple mesh, or modernize it to an "AssetsManager task" way-of loading stuff. 

ALSO... I think some/all the DOM-based pointer/eventHandler stuff... can be replaced with more tech-wise ActionManager things.  cya

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