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Mesh rotation with pivot (beginner)


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I am trying to rotate a mesh with a custom pivot, using setPivotMatrix function. In the sample below, the pivot (red box)  "seems" to be in the right position, but the rotation done is not as expected (green and grey box should be superposed on the corner). I dont understand the setPivotMatrix :huh:

Why the pivot point (red box) is not inside the green box in this sample ?
I just would like something like :

  [X]  X  X  X

   Where [x] is the superposed part of the 2 meshes.




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@yLacaute Well done for finding your own solution - we like that :)

11 hours ago, yLacaute said:

some functions don't exist (like substract)

Typing errors have been corrected and submitted.

11 hours ago, yLacaute said:

I think samples in documentation should be updated, there are too complicated

The great thing about the BJS documentation is that it is open source and anyone can submit to it. Please feel free to submit any simpler examples and explanation, contributions are always welcome.

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