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Breaking Mobile Web Browsers for Fun and Profit


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Hi there,

I was tremendously impressed with the performance of the PixiJS example applications on my various mobile phones and tablet devices. I have not had nearly that level of performance when using KineticJS.


Accordingly, I decided to make my own stress test using the starter tutorial on Pixi and the GSAP tweening framework. 


The stress test is here:



Performance is mostly buttery smooth in Desktop Chrome and Firefox, with minor (OS related?) herky-jerkiness on occasion. 


Firefox on Android is pretty slow (not a huge surprise). 

Chrome on Android is very inconsistent (surprising - Using a Samsung Note 3). 

Safari on the Apple 5c is buttery smooth. 


Is this a fair test? Or did I do something really suboptimal from a coding standpoint? It's true I'm not using the minified versions of anything, and the Pixi version is Dev.


If it is a fair test, I'm curious as to what I'm doing that puts the performance so far outside of the example apps on Android. Any help is greatly appreciated.






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Ok. Updated version here:



Runs buttery smooth on everything except non-Chrome Samsung Internet browser, in which it exhibits a series of 'trails' and strange rendering artifacts. Not sure why the Samsung browser isn't clearing the screen properly now, but it looks like removing GSAP solved the main (lag related) issue. 




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...( slaps forehead ) ... of course!  :rolleyes:


thanks for that! So thinking about it, I've tended to use a transparent canvas with a background applied to the game div through css in order to reduce the canvas draw calls. But perhaps any performance gain from this might actually be lost through the costs of having a transparent canvas and calling clearRect on it. I guess I'd better do some testing to find out.

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Hi All,

the latest build of Pixi (both dev and regular versions) seems to break Chrome on my Android Phone (Galaxy Note 3). 



As well, the Samsung stock android browser remains broken. 


I've tried using both 'getAnimFrame' and 'setTimeout' but doesn't seem to make a difference. Any idea what's causing this behavior?


Works fine in:

Mobile Firefox


Chrome on PC

Firefox on PC




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