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Question objfileloader Multimaterial


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I tried to import the obj file, and obj contained a number of posts, but in babylonjs, it seemed that each child's map was replaced with the last one.

I looked at the console, and the network window shows these stickers loaded.


Here's the demo:http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#E5KRAX

The correct effect should be:







babylonjs:(The wrong)




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hi @renjianfeng,

the OBJ file you pasted has no group or object definitions (keys 'o' and 'g'), which prevents babylon from knowing which mesh is which. Babylon will use the entire vertex data you provided and will convert it to a single mesh with one material. is it possible for you to export mesh names as well? if you use blender, it is the option to export "Objects as OBJ Objects", or "Groups", both should actually work.


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9 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

If you are in Blender, why not directly using the .babylonjs format? It will be far better than obj

Yes, but all the models currently are in.obj format, and the number is very large. I can only use a method that can be used in batches.:(

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