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Collision between sprites


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I'm developing my first application with pixi.js 4 and I have a problem with collision between sprites.
In my case I use textures with irregular shapes and logically I'm able to intercept collision between rectangular sprites (using Bump library).
I need instead to check collision between irregular shapes as attached example. Is there a way to create an impostor shape attached to sprite in order to have this result?
Thanks for now and sorry for my bad english.



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You can use polygons for your hit areas. It doesn't have to be pixel perfect.



Now google how to do polygon collision detection. There are a lot of resources for this. For convex polygons you can use the Separating Axis Theorem (SAT).



Here's an example of SAT with phaser. 



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You have to install it with npm, but here's a version of it. It only works with convex polygons.



Another way to do this is to check for edge intersections between polygons. That will work with concave polygons. 


Here's the compiled code for that demo.



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