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How to handle keyboard events inside main loop?


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I suppose that using 

document.addEventListener("keydown", function (event) {
    //detect key and instantly do something

is not a good way, because it works outside the game loop. This might cause synchronization and performance issues in some cases.

So far as I know, there are a keyboard event queue in most games. When user press button the corresponding event being placed into the queue. The the callback actually fired from game loop and queue reduces.

Is there such mechanism in BabylonJS? How to attach my keyboard handling to it?

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Hiya S... good to see you again.  Would THAT method of keypress-checking (our ActionManager) smell any fresher?

I haven't studied the underbelly of actionManager event-wrangling, but if I know Deltakosh and The Core Boys... they have done their best to smoooooothly integrate into browser event system.  Them guys are HOT! 

I think... if you can use the ActionManager key-testing 'method', you'll be fartin' thru silk.  (in good hands with good keypress listening).

Now, I hope I was anywhat on-subject.  :D

As far as buffering-up held/fast keypress events... boy... let's BOTH ask for information about that.  Those answers might be at browser, OS, or hardware levels.


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ActionManager is a good solution,

But, I'm not seeing any issues using eventListener like you did, internally, the actionManager also uses those ( all user-input does )
you could add it to the canvas element instead,
so they are only fired while canvas has focus.

If you want a 'queue', simply write one using an array :), but i doubt it is necessary.

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I wonder how many entry points for keyboard handling in BabylonJS: ActionManager, KeyboardObservable, camera's keys and checkInputs, default JS addEventListener. What is the best way to implement in-game controls (firing, reloading, gun switching etc.)?

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