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Player colliding sideways with ground tiles


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Hi everybody!


I heard of the awesome features in the new Phaser-release through Twitter yesterday, so I really wanted to play around with it a bit. I'm currently experimenting with a simple platformer (click to play).


I'm using Phaser version 1.1.3.


The ground is made up of multiple blocks:

this.floorTiles = this.game.add.group();for (var i = 0; i < worldWidth; i += 64) {	var brick = this.floorTiles.create(i, worldHeight - 32, 'brick');		brick.body.immovable = true;		brick.body.allowGravity = false;}

The player collides with them vertically just fine, but also horizontally if you start moving left.


I know that this is a common problem with collision systems and each implementation/engine has its own way of going around this. How can I avoid this unwanted horizontal collision in Phaser?


Also: I can't jump if I'm on the ground – jumping in the air works, though (press SPACE). Any idea on how to solve this aswell?

if (this.cursors.jump.isDown && true) {	this.body.velocity.y = -500;}

Full code: game.js / player.js


Thank you very much for your help. I'm enjoying Phaser quite a bit already, I just need a little help getting started. Thank you! :)



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Hey rafaholiveira, thanks for your help. :)


I checked the documentation for TileSprites but it unfortunately does not look like it's an option because I need each block to stuff individually. I want to make single blocks disappear or move up and down. Does the tilemap allow for this sort of behavior while preventing the toe-stubbing?




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