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Visibility of overlapping containers


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I am making an arena shooter multiplayer game with destroyable obstacles.

You can see a pre-alpha here:


I have encountered a problem I'm not sure on how to proceed on and I surprisingly couldn't find any information on similar issues.

My game will have tall walls and other obstacles which can potentially cover the player's character. 
I would like to make an effect similar to RTS games, where an outline or a shadow of the player is visible on top of the obstacle. See the below picture to get an idea of what I mean.

Image result for unit behind wall highlight rts

My player container contains several sprites.

I have a few ideas on how to do this, but I do not think they are optimal.
One is rendering the player container to a texture and using that a mask for potential overlapping obstacles, along with a filter.
Secondly is just placing a simple GUI marker that shows where the player character is.
In both cases, I am unsure on how to detect overlapping sprites.

Is there an established solution for such cases?

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I think I understand what you mean:

the player would be on layer 1,

then you have the obstacles on layer 2,

then you have a filtered layer 3. Layer 3 uses layer 2 as a mask, and layer 3 has always highest Z-order.

Every frame, the image from layer 1 is copied to layer 3, creating the overlay effect.

Is this correct?

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Yeah. the only thing is zOrder and zIndex- they are applied only inside the layer and only if sorting is enabled. Z-index of layer/group is deprecated.

You have to experiment with it.

You can try to do it without pixi-layers first. Just separate layers as containers and add renderTexture. pixi-layers is just making the process simpler to write.

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