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  1. Hello It has been a long journey since I started this project (a few years), and the journey is not finished yet. But I assume that I reach a milestone (0.8.25 version) that I can present. Resume Hexa tank is a real-time strategy game where you need to defeat your opponents by colonizing areas. When an area is colonized, you can install bonus cells to upgrade your tanks. An upgraded tank is a tank that conquests! Features • Well guided tutorial. • Two villains to defeat in campaign mode. • Possible to play a customized match in a single player. • Multiplayer is available, playable against friends however a good connection is required. • No registration. • No advertisement. The game is still under development, any great ideas to improve it is welcome. Demos The game was designed for tablets and mobile phones (you can play it with iPhone but it’s better to have an Android) /!\ Please watch the google play video to grasp some game mechanisms. Google play Website Architecture A snippet of the architecture → Components → Common → Button → Circular menu → layouts → input → charts ... → Screen (handle the display) → home page → single player page ... → Hooks (handle the state of the page) → home hook → single player hook → Core → Framework → Builder (setup map, sound, AI…) → Record (save all actions game into a Json file) → Network (synchronize players game state) → Audio (handle sound effects of the game) → Stats (generate game stats (number of tanks, number or cells...)) → AI (pathfinder and a couple of artificial intelligence) → Interaction (handle input behaviors) → Items → Cell → Field → Unit → Tank → Truck → Network → Lobby → Message → Socket → ServerSocker → PeerSocket → Utils → Collections → Events → Exceptions → Logger There is a signal server to connect peers to each other but I think it is enough to just describe the architecture of the main project. Libraries • TYPESCRIPT • WEBPACK • PREACT • PIXI.JS • WEB RTC • SOCKET.IO • CHART JS • HOWLER • CORDOVA I really enjoyed combining all these technologies together, you can make crazy things with them. Considerations and thoughts market First of all, the video game market is really tough there are not so many spaces for little fishes like me. open source I am considering making the project open source I strongly think a lot of bricks of this project can be used to make other games. I hope it can avoid developers to reinvent the wheel when they start a new web game. A list of generic bricks: • statistic service • record service (record logs and the game, possible to visualize each step of the game) • exception handler • interaction manager • multiplayer service • multiplayer lobby • hexagonal map generator • IA • pathfinder • generic UI components • PIXI.JS animator (translation, scaling, fading) … However, I am pretty sure the code will need more clean up to facilitate its usage, I may need some helps. ? Developing a game Making a game is fun but it is time consuming, there are some many aspects to take care of. I am wondering if there are any other persons want to make new game projects with me. My champions Big thanks to all people who did contribute creating all these open source libraries. I especially want to thank Ivan who saved my ass a couple of times for fixing bugs through this forum. Feedback ??? What do you think about making it open source? And what do you think about this game? best regards
  2. I started playing around with Phaser 3 particles and ended up creating an RTS game prototype. The game also supports touchscreen and runs nicely on mobile browsers. If you are looking for and old-school RTS game, give it a try and leave a comment ? Direct game link: https://gamequack.com/dark-universe-rts-in-space/
  3. DRTS focuses on the core of real-time strategy, forgoing resource gathering, base building, and unit types. You can play the game on https://play.drtsgame.com The simplicity and comprehensive tutorial make it easy to jump into within minutes. Both multiplayer and singleplayer mode are already implemented, the game is work in progress though and updates will follow. Note that the camera controls are not yet explained in the tutorial. Here is how to control the camera: Camera panning: Hold down the right mouse button and drag to move the camera Camera Zoom: Use the mouse wheel to zoom.
  4. Hi devs, I've been working on "Fold Wars" for past few months. I had posted link to some early builds on this forum before. Now the game is available on Kongregate to play. During the beta testing to Kongregate's K+ users, the response was very positive. The game is HTML5, written in typescript. Only dependency is pixi.js. Give it a shot and let me know your impressions. Link: https://www.kongregate.com/games/blumath/fold-wars Here's a screenshot
  5. Hello, I am making an arena shooter multiplayer game with destroyable obstacles. You can see a pre-alpha here: http://mechsgame.s3-website.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com I have encountered a problem I'm not sure on how to proceed on and I surprisingly couldn't find any information on similar issues. My game will have tall walls and other obstacles which can potentially cover the player's character. I would like to make an effect similar to RTS games, where an outline or a shadow of the player is visible on top of the obstacle. See the below picture to get an idea of what I mean. My player container contains several sprites. I have a few ideas on how to do this, but I do not think they are optimal. One is rendering the player container to a texture and using that a mask for potential overlapping obstacles, along with a filter. Secondly is just placing a simple GUI marker that shows where the player character is. In both cases, I am unsure on how to detect overlapping sprites. Is there an established solution for such cases? Thanks!
  6. Hello, Game URL: https://cosmic-civilization-conquest.firebaseapp.com/#/ I'm working for some time on rts-idler game based on my experiences with ogame and x-wars browser games. I would like to create a game where you can create and design own ship from components. The ships specifications will be different depending on your technology level in certain areas. Simple mechanics of design and technologies are implemented already working now on technology bonuses for income. Next step is going to be galaxy view, which will allow user to send ships to discover and attack planets. Please leave here any comment on game and design of mechanics. Best regards
  7. Small project of a space strategy game (phaser-2.6.2): https://xanela.000webhostapp.com/rts/ Graphics by http://millionthvector.blogspot.com.es/p/free-sprites.html
  8. Danielpok

    RTS Game

    Hello colleagues, it is a pleasure to greet you and introduce me as I have just joined this community and I do not want to create this post without first introducing myself, my name is daniel rodriguez and I am a student of engineering in computer systems in Mexico, greetings to all. Well recently I have the curiosity to make a MMORTS, I explain, I play a mmorts called grepolis some of you have gone through it, my doubt is what framework would help me to design and create a game of this type and what initial steps I have to give for the design of video games in html5 I have basic knowledge in JavaScript html and css, is there be a tutorial of something similar to this game If someone would like to make a similar one or do not know how are the mechanics I can break them down. Another example of this game is travian Grepolis http://us.grepolis.com Travian https://www.travian.com/us
  9. Hi, I've created a prototype for a new game http://docary.com/keyget/royaleai.php , and I need to add sounds, can you help me with some links? I prefer to use generated sounds like jsfx library, but ogg sounds are also a possibility. Thanks, docary
  10. Hello. This is my game early version. Still absolute no graphics, just programming Added the image how it looks now. The turrets can shoot and damage the armies And this is my Goal:
  11. Twitter - Subreddit - Dev Blog - Discord Hello my name is Sam, I'm also the lead artist for Super Combat Squadron. We're a small indie dev team trying to put out a lightweight browser RTS. It's been just myself and one other programmer been developing the game for about a year now but, due to unforeseen circumstances, the lead programmer has had to take a step away from the project for personal reasons. I'm still in contact with him for help in the transitionary period but I'm looking to replace him on the team with some new programmers. Currently we just completed our first internal playtest and got some good feedback from that, and the roadmap for the future was to push towards the first public demo, and then if the feedback looks good and things work out, were considering running a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding attempt to get the funding to take the game further. The ideal skill set we're looking for would include: Phaser and JavaScript (goes without saying). A previous title or some example of your work with Phaser. Possessing a strong focus on: Networking Pathfinding AI Loves and plays RTS or MOBA games a bonus. Your position in all this would be helping tackle some bugs and featured we identified and fixing some issues blocking a public demo release. We're trying to cut the fat and make it purely a bee-line to public demo release. As previously mentioned, I'd love for it to transition into a longstanding paying role through crowdfunding, worst case scenario we stop at public demo release if the interest just isn't there. If you are interested, you can contact me here, or at our email address: [email protected]
  12. Description: Firmament Wars is a multiplayer strategy game similar to games like Risk and Civilization. Firmament Wars uses an accelerated turn-based system to keep the action moving quickly. At this time there are no AI (computer) players, so it is multiplayer only. I plan to add AI opponents within the next month. So if you want to play a Risk-like HTML5 game then grab a few friends and enjoy! The typical game lasts less than 10 minutes. Firmament Wars offers eight maps and three modes of play: free for all, team, and head-to-head ranked play. https://nevergrind.com/blog/how-to-play-firmament-wars/ Give it a try and let me know what you think about the gameplay! For the most part it should work on mobile devices, but I have only tested on a few recent tablets. Let me know if you have major problems on mobile. For the most part it was designed to be played on desktops at 1920x1080. Here's a quick dev summary: I developed it in one year using PHP, websockets (Ratchet, ZMQ), MySQL, javascript, JQuery, and GSAP. I'm planning to convert it using electron.io to "appify" it, but I'm not 100% sure how that works yet because I've never done it before or if it's even possible with my design.
  13. Hi folks, Babylon.js/game dev n00b here. I've started attempting to make a real-time strategy game, similar to Red Alert or Starcraft. So far, I have a bunch of blocks you can create and move around a flat map. I'm just posting this here so I could get your feedback, or suggestions, am I doing anything obviously wrong? https://github.com/ewanvalentine/game-guild Cheers, Ewan
  14. I'm referring to the https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Pointer_Lock_API to keep the mouse from leaving your game window, however we're having a problem that after you engage the lock, we can't find a method to keep using the mouse functionality to click on things within the box. The mouse is locked to some arbitrary spot, and while we can map its movements to move a fake sprite mouse around, we can't click from that fake sprite mouse. Does anyone know of any examples that accomplish this?
  15. Hello! On free time, I'm trying to make a Soccer (Football) game with RTS mechanics. The idea came through while I was playing Clash Royale, and I love some RTS elements like top-down / isometric view and watch the character IA change the environment interacting with each other. The project is shared here: https://github.com/alessandronunes/soccerpunch/ I know I have to adjust the velocities and make better IA, but I'm a little stuck here, so I would like to listen to some opinion: what would you do to make of this a (good) game? Thank you!
  16. Hello, dear Forum. Recently, I was toying with an idea for an intricate real time strategy game for use on maps provided Google Maps, particularly when utilising their road, building and traffic information: A police tactics simulator, much in the style of both the Police Quest and Emergency series, and further inspired by things like the Class 3 Outbreak Simulator, Prison Architect and Sim City. Much like in an Emergency game, you get to choose a building HQ on a designated coordinates of (preferably urban) terrain, from which you can patrol the streets on foot, car and air, respond to call-outs, execute warrants, organise raids and searches, handle hostage takings and public threats, surround buildings, cordon off areas, evacuate areas, participate in chases (both on roads and through pedestrian zones), set up road blocks, divert traffic, set up checkpoints, surveill and/or protect sensible locations, implement security zones, organise convoys and secure transports, police the traffic, police demonstrations, control large crowds, commence manhunts and rescue search operations, and even do some serious investigative detective work. All of it randomly spawned, all of it playable anywhere in the word on real life locations. The possibilities are - quite - endless in gameplay regards. The game would be designed to be either birds-eye view or (better yet) isometric; it would be 2- (or 2.5-) dimensional, with units, characters and effects consisting of 2d-sprites (themselves probably flash-based). There would be both a wide array of emergency units and civilian units randomly moving around the map on the roads and paths. Personally, I'd be really excited if such a complete game ever came out. There is one vital problem, however - I have little to no game development or coding experience. I don't know how to implement games like those on Google Maps (again, think of Class 3 Outbreak), nor do I know what game engines I could utilise to lay a basis for this kind of game. That's why I've decided to ask here: Can this sort of gaming concept popular? Could it take off? In how far would this be a sensible choice? And what engines or programmes can be used to make such a game a reality? How did other games implement Google Maps as a basis for their gameplay? Has this idea already crossed somebody's mind? Is anyone even remotely intrigued by this concept? Are there any games like this one out there already? Are there any in development? Thanks in advance for any tips, opinions and stimuli!
  17. I want to clone what this Russian guy achieved for my game exactly but the programmer says that its not physically possible to do anything other than A* based grid movement. It's incredibly frustrating because I've seen Atari games where entities on screen can pathfind around without the need of a grid but still colliding with each other and respecting collisions with the grid, and he hasn't been able to explain to me what's so hard about pathfinding that isn't A* based because I've seen a thousand games that do it before us no problem at all. Like, how do you program pathfinding and collision like THIS?
  18. Hey guys, I'd like get feedback on the game I'm working on; Infinity Sector (working title). I'm using Construct 2. It's a RTS space game that has a tactical pause to plan out attacks. There's also a slow motion mode. It's highly inspired by the game Distant Star Revenant Fleet. Right now I have the bare minimum on the game made, but I wanted to get some feedback on what I have now before I start adding other things. There's only 1 playable ship and only have 3 enemies ships so far. The weapons and ship upgrades are limited to 4 currently. Info about the game: The game is endless and each level is randomly generated (will have more stuff later on), you start off with some 'stores' you need to capture to get credits and supplies to level up your weapons and ship and then get to the exit for a boss fight. You can get to the exit without capturing any stores but you will be weaker to fight the boss. The enemies and boss get harder each level. I'd love to hear opinions on game balancing / game mechanics etc and any other comments you may have! Please keep in mind this is really early and a lot of art are still placeholder and there's no sounds besides the main menu. There's also a few known bugs like the game doesn't pause when you click the menu button while ingame, you need to pause before clicking it. I attached some images. Here's a link to the game: Infinity Sector Pre-Pre Alpha Thanks in advance! updated 5/31/2016 - Fixed the no pause while the menu is open bug, but I took out the slow mode for now. - Fixed bug where the player ship went off on it own.
  19. When creating a box, there's the assumption that all sides are of equal length. However, for a rubberband selection in an RTS I'd like to create a rectangular box on the fly (from the screen down to the ground) and then check intersections with all units on the screen to select them. How could I create a rectangular box, or is there even a better way to do rubberband selection in BabylonJS?
  20. http://littlewargame.com/ So this is my first HTML5 game. Its a relatively simple RTS (medieval / fantasy setting) which features working multiplayer (1v1 only at the moment). I havent done a lot of testing for multiplayer, so there might be bugs. The game is still somewhere in alpha / beta, but playable. I found there are not really too many good & working HTML5 RTS games with multiplayer, so i decided to do this. Its supposed to be something you can play anytime and anywhere and its relatively simple (atm theres only 3 unit types and 3 building types), but of course it still comes with the natural complexity of a realtime strategy game. So even though you know all the units after one or two games, theres still tons of different strategies and ways to play. It also has a working AI for single player games, but the AI is pretty simple at the moment. I plan to improve the AI, but the main focus is definetly multiplayer. I would really appreciate any feedback.
  21. Hi, First of all, I'm new to WebGL and Babylon, so apologies for any noobisms. Basically, i'm trying my hand at an RTS, I've done a bunch of reading on Babylon and at the moment I'm just getting to grips with some of the basics. My plan is to get a very simple world in babylon that I can use to test and code some of the game mechanics. I've so far created a simple world with a heightmap and texture as per the example in the tutorials. Where I'm struggling is how to approach setting that world to a grid. So any buildings etc have to snap to grid when being placed. I'll also want to be able to detect clicks on grid squares so I can display information about what's there, resources etc. Really, I'm just looking for help with approach here. Should I be looking at a tiled ground? (I'm not sure how that would work, splitting up the height map image etc.) or should all the work be done with the detection of the mouse cursor and the grid can just be aesthetic only? Thanks for any help you can give! (p,s> I've also looked at a bunch of examples, but haven't yet found anything that does what i'm after).
  22. Hadron Wars is one of the most sophisticated cross platform MMO RTS games built with HTML5. Game is available on: Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hadronwars&hl=en iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/hadron-wars/id950699818?mt=8 Windows Phone - http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/hadron-wars/c7ed9df6-3454-4959-9dba-e83aa1736942 Windows - http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/hadron-wars/8635cfc7-2eb0-40e0-a4b4-ec952b8c6b6f Facebook - https://apps.facebook.com/479956268770335/?fb_source=search&ref=br_tf Available engines performance was not acceptable for such game, so NECOLT built custom game engine for Hadron Wars. Also we use PixiJS for rendering and CocoonJS for distribution to iOS and Android. We are open to share our experience developing this game, so feel free to ask here. http://hadronwars.com is in beta mode now. Feel free to test it and leave feedback [email protected] !
  23. The Game: AfterEffect Genre: Survival Horror RTS Graphics: 2d Isometric Style: Dark comic book style Storyline: This is a make your own adventure where as the game play varies depending on how you set it up. You could have zombies, or something else entirely in the game as well as manipulated difficulty. Early Concept of the story picker. Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Possibly CoffeeScript Engine: Pixi.JS, Phaser.IO, Phaser Isometric Plugin. WebGL/CANVAS Start Date: December, 20th, 2014 More Details... What we are looking for... Currently we need a few roles filled as leads but what we currently need is some content. It can be done in the way of 3d or drawn. but as long as it in the end is isometric, and fits the artistic style. Shadows are not that important as I am looking into a way for lighting possibly, but can be added later for details. Also need things like the parts of characters to be broken down into joins for Atlas/Spine usage if possible. More over before we worry about characters we need tiles, objects, and items done. With the items and objects need a decent render of them as the characters plan on being ~w64x~h128 which we are basing everything off of that rate. So tiles need to be about 64x32 and also have vertical depth of something like 16-32. Items and Objects need to be relative to the character size which I know we do not have a full character yet but if someone wants to do that then that would be amazing. This is contribution base so we are willing to take what ever someone asks. Also color is not important. If you can make it grayscale unless it has need for accents that would be awesome. Below is the list of things we will need. once again I am a 90/10 fan so not all of this will go in. Mainly just the stuff people provide. Various Building Materials: WoodMetalBrickStoneClothTarpsVinyl SidingGreen house WindowsTiles: With your normal 9 base for everything but water WaterIce: Thick, ThinDirt: Brown, SnowSandGrass: Dead, SnowClay: Gray, Orange, BrownGravelRoad: Asphalt, Concrete. Street Stripes I would like to keep as a separate layer if possible and render that laterSidewalksWallsFloors: Carpets, Wood, Linoleum, etcVarious damage markings for walls, and streets.Buildings: So what will be available in game as buildable. So basically need to part out what will make them and what will be in them. InfirmaryLiving QuartersDining FacilityBathroomFood StorageShooting RangeGymTowerLibraryTool ShedObjects: Flames/FireVarious Plants: Trees, Catai, Bushes, Vines, Flowers, Tall grass, Mushrooms, etc. States: Alive, Dead, Snow.Furniture: Arm Chair, Desk, Couch, Tables, Chairs, Night Stands, Beds, Dressers, Cabinets, Shelves, Fireplace Workbench, Locker, etc. Various sizesAppliances: Fridge, Freezer, Stove, Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer, Water Heater, FurnaceElectronics: TV's, Generic Consoles, Computers, Laptops, Phones, Ham Radio, CB RadioLighting: Wall Lamp, Standing Lamp, Lamp Post, Torch Wall Mount(No Torch), Torch Stand(No Torch)Power: Solar Panel, Gasifier, Gas Generator, Wind GeneratorDefensive: Barricade(Wooden), Sandbags, Fences(Wood, Chain, brick), Spikes,Misc: Storage Box, Barrel, Flag, Garden Patch, Water Storage, Target(Practice Target), Well, Firepit, Water Filtration System, Flower PotsBuilding: Foundation, Ramps, Stairs, Ladder, Doors, Windows, Gates, Pillars, Sign Post, Signs, Bee HiveTraps: Crate Trap, Snap Traps, Snare, Cage Traps, Box Trap. Need various state of use. Unset, Set, etcItems: Lighting: Lantern, Chem Light, Matches, Lighter, Flashlight, Flare, TorchHardware: Rope, Rebar, Sandbag(empty), Duct Tape, Batteries, Car BatteryWriting: Writing Pad, Pencil, Pen, Sharpie, PaperReading: Book, Magazine, NewspaperFun: Basketball, Baseball, Tennis ballMisc: Walkie Talkie, CB Radio, Ham Radio, Binoculars, Blanket, Sheet, Pillow, Mattress, Gas CanInventory: Tool Belt, School Bag, Rucksack, Hiking Bag, Duffle BagLiquid Consumables: Soda, Energy Drink, Water Bottle, Coconut Water, Juice, Tea, LemonadeFood Consumables: Canned Food, MRE, Candy Bar, Chips, Granola Bar, Ramen, Salt, Pepper, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Bread, Burger, Rice, Pickles, Popcorn, Steak, Mutton Chops, Fish Fillet, Bacon, Chicken Breast, Pork Chop, Fried Egg, Ham, Jerky, Soup, Stew, Beans, Cheese, butter, Coffee, Tea Bag, SugarFood Unprepared: Raw Meat(Generic, Beef, Pork, Venison, Poultry), Uncooked Egg, Pasta, Bread Dough, RiceFruits: Apple, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cantaloupe, Cherry, Cranberry, Grapes, Honeydew Melon, Kiwi, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Nectarines, Orange, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Plumb, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Strawberry, WatermelonVeggies: Artichoke, Asparagus, Beet, Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Celery, Chive, Corn, Cucumber, Eggplant, Garlic, Green Bean, Green Onion, Leeks, Lettuce, Mushroom, Onion, Peas, Potato, Pumpkin, Radish, Spinach, Squash, Sweet Potato, Tomato, TurnipMedical Consumables: Iodine, Antibiotics, Vitamins, Tourniquet, Splint, Gauze, BandagesLighting: Flint and Steel, Candles, Campfire KitTools: Wooden Mallet, Stone Axe, Trot Line, FIshing Net, Watering Can, Hoe, Hedge Shears, Fishing Pole, Machete, Axe, Hatchet, E-Tool, Tire Iron, Sledge, Shovel, Bucket, Needle, Scissors, Multi Tool, Bowl, Grill, Kettle, Pot, Butter Knife, Frying Pan, Plate, Mug, Can Opener, Pope bender, Crowbar, Wrench, Hammer, Hand Saw, Toolbox, Screw Driver, Tape MeasureClothing(Male and Female): Boonie Cover, Baseball Cap, Ski Cap, Bandana, Glasses, Sunglasses, Baklava, Sneakers, Boots, Jean Jacket, Duster, Leather Jacket, Hoodie, Rain Coat, Sleeveless shirt, T-Shirt, Long Sleeve, Flannel Shirt, Watch, Belt, Skirt, Shorts, Jeans, SlacksArmor: PASGT Helmet, Bike Helmet, Motorcycle Helmet, Hard Hat, RIot Helmet, Football Helmet, Batting Helmet, Fireman Helmet, Respirator, Dust Mask, Face Shield, NV Goggles, Paintball Mask, Gas Mask, Hockey Mask, Eye Goggles, Motorcycle Jacket, BMX Jacket, Kevlar Vest, Paintball Shirt, Fireman Jacket, Elbow Pads, Kevlar Elbow Pads, Spiked Cuffs, Riot Forearm Pads, Sports Guards, Archery Guard, Motorcycle Gloves, Muffs, Welders Gloves, Fingerless Gloves, Work Gloves, Tactical Gloves, Sports Gloves, Leather Gloves, Disposable Gloves, Archery Gloves, Sliding Pants, Kevlar Pants, Riot Pants, Motorcycle Boots, Tactical Boots, Steel Toe Boots, Hiking Boots, Combat Boots, Cowboy bootsAmmo: Types: Regular, Tracer, Hollow Point. Arrow, Bolt, 9mm, 10mm, .357, 5.45, 5.56/223, 7.62Weapons Melee: Various Swords, Rusty Pipe, Golf Club, Wooden Club, Cane, Wood Bat, Spiked Wooden Bat, Metal Bat, Baton, Cricket Bat, Fire Poker, Brass Knuckles, Tactical KnifeWeapons Ranged: Bow, Crossbow, Various Rifles and Handguns for the Ammo TypesWeapons Traps: Satchel Charge, Trip Mine, Mine, Claymore, Det CordWeapon Mods: Extended Magazine, Drum, Various Chokes, Silencer, Holo Sight, NV Sight, Tactical Scope, ACOG, Hunting Scope, Fiberglass Stock, Collapsable Stock, Laser Pointer, Forward Grip, FlashlightWeapons Thrown: Grenade, Stone/Rock, Spear, Molotov, PipebombParts: Wool, Cotton, Cloth Strips, Barbed Wire, Planks, 2x4, Charcoal, Feathers, Fat, Hide, Leather, Bone,Twine, ThreadCharacters: Living, and Undead Animals: Fish, Rats, Squirrels, Birds, Rabbits, Ducks, Boar, Deer, Horses, Cats, Dogs, Chickens, Sheep, Goats, Cows, Wolfs, Wildcats, Coyotes, Bears, Oh My....Humans: Need various faces and expressions if possible, entire bodies. Can be nude or in underwear.Undead:Spitter: Vomit inducing ZedBrute: These are the guys at the gym that you hate.Bloater: Fat but not due to pre death weight. Think bodily gas vs fatShambler: The run of the mill ZedRunner: Athletic, Lean. A fast typeCrawler: Athletic somewhat muscular. A fast typeGrotesque: Think if someone went crazy and started doing body modifications to mutilate their bodies with various objects to be more dangerous.Screamer: Thin, tall, possibly mouth always openedAnimations: This isn't the full list so if you can think of others, please let me know and I will update this list. Prefer Atlas/Spine but will take anything Most of these will be upper body usage, while the legs will be set separately such as standing, attack stance, crouching, etc. IdleCrouch, Sneak, sitting in chair, sitting on floorWalk, Run, Jump, Climb onto(mid level), Climb Up(Wall), Climb LadderRummage, PickupMelee: Swing, Punch, Kick, Block, PushRanged: Aim Handgun/Rifle, Fire Handgun/Rifle, Reload Handgun/RifleThrow: Overhand, Underhand, Toss, DropNod Head, Hand Gestures, Shake Hand, WaveTool Usage: Using Wrench/Hammer, "Crafting", Raking/Hoeing, Shoveling, FishingUI Elements: Some various UI Elements that will be needed Screens:Main MenuPauseDialogInventoryTradeContainer, Various sizesIcons:Attributes:Emotion: Unhappy, Bored, Restless, Stressed, PanickedBurdened, Over BurdenedHealth: Infected, Fatigued, Exhausted, Warm, Hot, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, Cold, Hypothermia, Wet, Injured, Bleeding, Broken Bone, Sick, Poisoned, DizzyHydration: ThirstyFullness: Hungry. Starving, OverfullSkillsCharisma, Perception, Strength, Endurance, Ingenuity, DexterityNegotiation, Bartering, Leadership, Hunting, Scouting, Foraging, Construction, Smithing, Repair, Mechanical, Masonry, Attack, Melee, Ranged, Bladed, Blunt, Unarmed, Thrown, Handguns, Rifles, Farming, Bee Keeping, Irrigation, Butchery, Animal Husbandry, Gardening, Survival, Scavenging, Fishing, Research, Navigation, Map Making, Water Purification, Alternative Energy, Alternative Fuels, Ingenuity, Medical, First Aid, Medicine, Natural Medicines, Defence, Sewing.Interactions: Radial style menuInspect, Scavenge, Clean, Craft, ClimbTalk/Dialog, First Aid, AttackFarm, Till, Plant, Harvest, WaterBuilding, Upgrade, RepairRemember We are not asking for all of this to be done. There is a LOT more that we have not listed and we plan to do a bunch of the work but what we are asking for is if you have some time to help us along with whatever you can provide.
  24. Hey guys we've updated Standoff to 1.1.3 - Optimized for iOS8 - Leaderboard sorting more accurate - Helpful popup dialogs added - Various bug fixes and performance improvements https://itunes.apple.com/app/standoff/id921395674?ls=1&mt=8 In an empty tract of the milky way where the desperate head in search of something better, you must Standoff against the galaxy’s most fearless opponents - your friends. Standoff pits two players against each other on the same iPad. Players, known as ‘Tub Jumpers’ must destroy their opponent with an arsenal of cannons, troops, tanks, and tubs. Use methodical strategy to build and guide your army through no mans land to take out your enemy’s resources. Blast your cannon to add fire to the mix. Take advantage of support call ins to turn the tide of the battle. Destroy the enemy through any means possible. - Unique two player real time strategy on one ipad - Intense mix of real time strategy and arcade style play - Play between a variety of maps from different areas of the Scutum Crux - Control & manage your Battle Station - Build & Deploy up to 6 ground units with unique abilities from your battle station at any one time - Fire at the other team with a GIANT cannon equipped with 3 firing modes - Turn the tide with support call ins including: -- Alpha team : 6 rifle infantry are dropped in by chopper on your side of the map. -- Air Strike : Cut a gaping hole in the enemy lines with a bombing run. -- Heal Beam : Bring your forces back to full health. - 1500 free tokens to spend on support call ins - Climb the Leaderboards and crush your friends high scores Standoff is the ultimate multiplayer experience for iPad bringing a whole new level of gaming to the App Store. This game is free to play, however there are purchases available for additional game content. A premium upgrade is available for players after a more ‘ad free’ gaming experience. Take that bet to the table, end it with Standoff. = MORE = Website - www.tubjumpers.com Facebook - www.facebook.com/TubJumpers Youtube - www.youtube.com/user/NYUKNYUKGAMES Google+ - www.plus.google.com/+Tubjumpers/posts Music - www.davidlong.co.nz/ Meet other tub jumpers - www.meetup.com/Tub-Jumpers-Standoff/ Join the conversation - #TubJumpers #Standoff
  25. Bending HTML5 through space and time. Nyuk Nyuk Games and Gamefroot.com are celebrating the launch of Standoff to the App Store. This unique game pits 2 players against each other on the same iPad. Beginning with methodical strategy, each game promises to devolve into panicked taps on the screen, endless rematches and the occasional broken friendship… or iPad. Sound exciting? Please download it now from the AppStore and let us know what you think!! To find out more about the game visit tubjumpers.com or view on App Store now.
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