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QiCi not Installing on Windows 7


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I'm having trouble getting QiCi to install/run.

Successfully installed NodeJS - 9.9.0

After extracting the qiciengine-1.1.6.zip. Then running the start-win.bat file, prompt dialog quickly flashes on screen but I couldn't see what was displayed or have to to screen grab it. Also, the Chrome browser doesn't open the QiCi browser app as expected.
Any help would be really appreciated.

Initially had a lot of trouble downloading the qiciengine-1.1.6.zip. Kept getting errors, damaged or corrupt file... or something along those lines.
Also, tried opening StartService.js via the command prompt, opens but still no result.



Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
Google Chrome - 65.0.3325.181

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Hi All,


Issue resolved.

Following step 2 in the instructions found in the read-me.txt file:

Handle failure:
1. Make sure the lastest Node.js is installed.
2. Remove the node_modules directory, reinstall it by running command "npm install"


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