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[SOLVED] How to continue moving camera after mouse outside of canvas?


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Has anyone figured out how to still move the camera if the mouse pointer goes outside of the canvas?  I'm working with a canvas that is only a small part of the screen but I don't want to restrict dragging to just the canvas area.  It feels funny when you go outside the canvas then it stops moving

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53 minutes ago, JohnK said:

Will need a lot of work but an example anyway https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8JTMDX

Thank you!  That actually helped.  I used the directionX/Y, diff code from that to come up with my solution.

My canvas is sitting in an iFrame, so I used this code:

$(parent).on("pointermove", function(e) {
    if (mouseDown) {
        evt = e.originalEvent;
        var directionX = evt.movementX || evt.mozMovementX || evt.webkitMovementX || 0;
        var directionY = evt.movementY || evt.mozMovementY || evt.webkitMovementY || 0;

        diff = {x:-directionX /100, y:directionY /100}

$(parent).on("pointerup", function(e) {
    mouseDown = false;
    triggerMouseEvent (canvas, "pointerup");

$(canvas).on("pointerdown", function(e) {
    mouseDown = true;

$(canvas).on("pointerup", function(e) {
    mouseDown = false;

then in the render loop

engine.runRenderLoop(function() {
   camera.alpha += diff.x;
   camera.beta -= diff.y;         
   diff.x *= 0.9;
   diff.y *= 0.9;

Works nice and smooth regardless of the size of the iFrame

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