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Getting GUI elements by name


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Hiya M!  Welcome to the forum. Sorry for the slow replies.

I think... no, not possible (yet)... but that is a pretty good feature idea.

Generally, only "nodes" can be gathered from the scene object.  Lights, cameras, and mesh... all ancestry of BabylonJS Node class.

But putting a searcher onto AdvancedDynamicTexture... would seem possible and plausible.  Perhaps you would like to code it for us?  ;)  Or, code your own.

Take a quick sniff at this...


.executeOnAllControls()  Nice.  Recursion.  Scary.  Remove the Typescript debris, and it looks like this...


Shove it into the top of a playground full-of named and un-named GUI crap.  (lines 3-16)


Create lines 276-278, ready to call our "do-it-to-every-control" engine... sending some function to be executed.  I think, for now, sending it

function() {console.log("name: ")}

...is a safe little function... to execute on each control.  There are 3 advancedDynamicTextures (ADT) active in this playground, so I made a line for each one.  :)

Now I'm too scared to activate any of those lines.  Maybe one of our "pros" would like to?  I don't have health coverage, so I don't activate recursive functions... ever.  heh.  Tree-walking is serious business.

(Hey WINGNUT... the guy simply asked a basic YES/NO question!  He didn't ask for a course in getting brain tumors!)  :D

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Hey, cheers for the in-depth answer :).

I sort of half-solved by writing a helper class for creating grids with two dimensional arrays, which I needed anyway. So I can at least know which column/row something is in. Having unique identifies would still be useful though :P.

I haven't looked at your playground example in depth yet, but I'm getting an "_a is undefined error" on run.

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Yeah, that's the error I was getting, too (coming from line 8, I suspect).   Likely, a problem in the way I'm calling.


See line 286.  I am now calling... using advancedTexture._rootContainer

I also added .name's to all the controls within the first advanced[dynamic]Texture.  We needed some data to go fishing-for.  :)

I have also done some adjusting to the "sent function" in line 285.  I believe the 'this' is not working well.

Console now reports 10 occurrences-of name:   ... without any _a errors.  (yay!)  But, our "drill bit" function (line 285) is failing to drill data, it seems.

My dog has run under the refrigerator and hid, yet again.  How does he DO that?  ;)  (he fears recursion, too)

FindControlByRowAndColumn()... yeah, that's a good work-around, MM.  You're coding-up 3D Scrabble, aren't ya?  :) 

I bet you could use a GUI Stackpanel that is both vertical and horizontal, simultaneously, eh?  ;)  Well forget it... not gonna happen.  :D  (Just kidding around)

All in all, glad to hear you are rolling.  Party on!

Possible helpful hint:  Those who do heavy mods of GUI textBlocks... sometimes/often find that it is easier/better to dispose previous textBlock and create NEW textBlock... instead-of trying to change the text on an already-existing textBlock.  This is due to some performed-at-creation-time measuring of things... that happens to GUI controls... when text is involved.  At least that's how I understand it. 

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