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Best practice for disposing of resources in custom class?


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If I have a TS class called say MyThing that creates various Meshes, LineMeshes and Textures and adds to the scene, what (if anything) do I need to do to dispose of all the resources these MyThing objects use?

If the MyThing class extends BABYLON.Mesh, calling myThing.dispose() does nothing. If I write a method MyThing.dispose() I am able to dispose of individual Meshes which are each associated with a member, but I'm running into problems pushing LineMeshes onto an array so that I can dispose of those within a loop in my dispose() method.

Hope this makes sense. 

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Found a solution, not sure if it's best practice though. Basically I extended TransformNode, created and parented meshes to it, then dispose() just works.

class MyThing extends BABYLON.TransformNode {

  // ...

  constructor(name, scene) {

    // ...

    let mesh1 = new BABYLON.Mesh('mesh1', scene);
    mesh1.parent = this;

    let mesh2 = new BABYLON.Mesh('mesh2', scene);
    mesh2.parent = this;

    let lines1 = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateLines("lines1", points, scene);
    lines1.parent = this;



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