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PIXI v5 and 3D


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I know this is a bit premature as v5 is in pre-release stage.  But basically I recently wrote a super simple 3d renderer in webgl which I had been attempting to hook into pixi, with limited success. A major problem I found was the fact the low level stuff was wrapped in the gl-core lib.

Then I saw v5 was available for me to play around with, and I really love the way so much of this low level stuff is exposed to us now, I was straight away imagining all the crazy stuff we can do with it :)

So I attempted to hook up my shaders and geometry to the new classes, in order to get a simple 3d cube demo working.  I got something displayed fairly quickly, even the simple lighting shader I wrote seems to be working.  However I hadn't yet added 3d projection and when I tried to do a projection transform on the model view matrix I just see grey background.

I realise really I need to have another good dig through the source code for this, but do you guys have an idea how soon might there be a simple cube example on the examples page?  Or otherwise is there something simple that it's likely I missed that would cause this? 

Sorry for the vagueness of my question but thanks in advance for taking a look and again, I really like where you guys are going with V5,  good work chaps!


and just for fun, here's a screen shot of my "cube" (I got mashup texture coords for some reason)



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22 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

You have my attention, I've sent you an invitation to PixiJS Slack.

There's a guy who added glTF format in pixi-v4. @amakaseev . 

Oh cool, never heard of that file format before.

I was planning on implementing a .obj parser because I heard it was a very simple format.  But I will check this out too.

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