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Working with huge models (300-700mb)


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Does anyone have experience working with huge models (300-700mb)?

I am talking about millions of vertices. We are working on an experimental project, target desktop with 1080 GTX cards.
However, Chrome browser crashes upon just loading the model before even BabylonJs can continue before of the file size. 

Anyone has tips?

Thank you!


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Thanks for the reply!

Webgl 2 has no limit! I can export > 65k.
Now the problem is that Chrome crashes upon loading such big files...

If I load multiple smaller files (e.g 100 mb each), then it works, but Chrome becomes unstable the more I push it and eventually crashes.
Any tips?

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Is it a file with one model only or multiples? Are these models having materials & textures on it?

Are your Ram & VRam overfulled?

Have you try loading your 3D into other softwares like Blender, Unity, etc, just to see? 'cause even a 1080 GTX can be punched with huge data :)

[edit] And also, when you test using multiple files, have you try using optimize-tools scene after each file loading for example? [/edit]

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It is múltiple files with multiple models.

Gltf files with textures outside.

My computer has 16gb of RAM. The card can take anything.

The problem is Chrome. It says "Aw snap!" when trying to load too much data. It seems like there is some sort of protection that if a tab is consuming too much RAM it is automatically crashed...

Any tips on this? Should I try a different Browser? Would something as Electron work better? (I doubt it as it has chrome inside)

Or are there any caching settings or offline mode I should use so that models are loaded just once?


I think the issue is the huge files being loaded as blob to browser which I imagine is how Babylon opens them?


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49 minutes ago, chicagobob123 said:

We have loaded a babylon scene file that is 228MB with tons of vertices and it loaded, it took a while but it loaded. 

I would be interested in what you find. 

What browser did you use?


About chrome flags not sure what to change

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50 minutes ago, Deltakosh said:

What format are you using? obj? because in this case gltf can help by dividing the number of files

I am testing everything. I am thinking to stick with gltf since it has PBR by default.
I am also considering Babylon Binary. Not sure if I get more savings with gltf or Babylon binary... testing. Any thoughts?

Any other tips welcome! Thanks so much everyone :)

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Thanks. It seems the flags don't help much if files are even bigger.

Do you think I will have more luck if I run BabylonJS inside Electron, or would it be the same regarding the Ram I can allocate? Anyone has experience?



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