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phaser 3 complete current tween in timeline


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is there any way to complete current tween in the timeline and then remove following tweens? I'm inserting tweens like this:

   targets: this.sprite,
   x: { value: 50, duration: 1000 },
   y: { value: 50, duration: 1000 }
this.tweens.timeline({ tweens });

Then after some event I need to finish current tween and clear all following (if any). This seems to stop tweens:


but I can't find anything to finish current tween at first.




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Thinking out loud here.

You can add an onComplete callback to a tween. Ideally, you would reach your event and use it to add a callback to the currently running tween in the timeline. The callback would then stop the timeline or tweens in the timeline or just killAll().

I don't know how to detect the currently running tween in a timeline. Didn't go hunting myself, but you can see how the timeline works here: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/master/src/tweens/Timeline.js

You could have your event attach your onComplete callback to all of the the tweens in the timeline.  Hacky but might work OK.

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