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PIXI 4 - simultaneous mouse buttons


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Hello, I have found another problem after upgrade from PIXI2 to PIXI4

This time it is about mouse interaction, it seems like that I cannot handle both buttons held simultaneously as it worked with PIXI2

I am using right button (with mousemove) to navigate character on the map while left button (with mousemove) is used to move map and it is really usefull to use it both at once.

Simply put ..

window.stage.mousedown = function(event) {
  log("LEFT DOWN");

window.stage.rightdown = function(event) {
  log("RIGHT DOWN");


If I am HOLDING left button and click with right - no event is fired

If I am HOLDING right button and click with left - no event is fired

Same problem - and probably even worse - is when I am moving (holding right button down), then I cannot interact with another objects at the same time (because left button doesnt fire any event).

I have tried pointerdown instead of mousedown, but then right button fired both events which is also wrong.

This is really big issue if that possibility is removed in PIXI4 :(


Someone faced that problem ? Thanx in advance :)





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