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Allen T

Tap 'n Dash - Reflex Game

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It's been a while... i'm here to introduce my new mini game, also my 2nd game ever published.

As a mini game, took me about 3 month to build it. The game is inspired by Japanese arcade game such as 'Hyper Bishi Bash Champ'. It's originally a remake of my old flash game project, many graphic assets were already been made, thus the shorter game development... 

Gameplay is simple: Run the turtle character to the finish line by quick-solving picture quizs (by tapping). 
You can build combos, or tap on solo-tiles to get TURBO, 1x HEALTH or more, get higher highscores and ratings. 



Fundmentally it's a brain-finger reflex game, with a bit of action & puzzle element.
It can be easy for some people and very challenging to others. It might seems easy at first, but the REAL challenge is when you start playing 'SIMILAR' mode. A brain teaser.:blink:

Play the game HERE.
to read my dev logs, go to my website HERE.

So tell me how you feel about the game, do you like it or not? Give some comments down below! :P


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5 hours ago, mattbnn said:

Awesome clean graphic!

I think there should be max 3 lifes and the time to choose should shorter (it may get shorter the longer you play).

Thanks for the comment mattbnn!

The design is to encourage players to do combo chains & don't have to be too careful. It might to be easy at first but once get into 'Similar' mode I think people will need those extra health. :P

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