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3DsMax exporter wrong compression

Pierre Glibert

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Hi community :)

After an export from 3dsmax to gltf, I saw that my metallic/roughness map is to much compressed in jpeg. That create bad artefact on my render.

Secondly, I saw that my color map switch from jpeg to png. I have no transparency, it's not necessary in my case. I prefer to keep a little compression for time loading reason. Is there a way to correct this ?

Is it possible to add an option like a checkbox "compress", on the exporter, to not compress or compress images ?


Thanks for your help.


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Hi @noalak,

I created a test scene grouping together the majority of PBR maps in order to give an example of the issues we are encountering. You can find it in attachment.


Color map jpg to png

The color map is automatically converted to the png format after the export. The issue here is that our initial picture in jpg format (980 Ko) switched to the png format (1530 Ko). I already checked that my transparency channels are well deactivated in 3ds max.

Would it be possible to keep the standard picture as it is after the export ?


Transform jpg 72dpi to jpg 96dpi

I also noticed that the export converts the dpi of my jpg pictures. The latter change from 72dpi to 96dpi.

Would it be possible to keep the initial dpi while exporting ?


Low resolution metallic/roughness map

We noticed a loss of quality during the merge of the roughness map and the metallic map intended for the PBR.

Here is a more explicit example :


There is a kind of smoothing and artefacts in the central hole of the floor while the edges are sharp on my roughness or metallic maps. Is there an additional compression during the export ? If yes, can we deactivate it ?


We thank you very much in advance for your help and your time !


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