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Multiple WebGL (Pixi.Renderer) instances on the same screen?


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Is it possible to have multiple webGL instances or Pixi.Renderer instances on one page?

For example, I'm trying to make a page that has many items in a grid (like an online store), and I was thinking of having one pixi.Renderer for each item. But then I would have about 20 of these instances which I don't really like, because it may not be as fast as having 1 renderer. I know I could use 1 renderer, but I want to merge the interactive Pixi graphics with html elements.

So I'm trying to do something like this:


The webgl render elements (the 3d shapes) are all placed within html divs.

The way that is achieved is by having 1 renderer, drawing all the shapes in a grid, and "splicing" or splitting the renderer, having different parts of the scene draw to different placeholder divs, in each item.

My questions:

1. Can Pixi.js do this "splicing"? i.e: 1 scene can render to multiple divs, and change the visible viewport, before rendering?

2. Is having 1 pixi renderer (fullscreen) = 20 small pixi renderers (fullscreen when put together) in regards to performance?

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Yes, you can use multiple pixi renderers with same stage or different stages.

The idea is to write your own Application, instead of using baseline: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/dev/src/core/Application.js

This is mashup class for hello-world apps and demos. When you need extra renderer, extra stage, or anything else - you have to write your own App instead of this thing.

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