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How do you promote your android games?


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Android is actually quite different than iOS in how to generate downloads, but both are equally difficult in their own ways. I have a game that has around 500k downloads on iOS and only 60k in its Google Play counterpart, and other devs have numbers quite the opposite for Android. First off I would invest in something a bit more developed than the game you are referring to (the monkey game). Don't get me wrong: I've released games I've made in a week or so as well but they almost always fail. For me those kinds of projects were learning projects though so I'm a bit past that now. Don't try and make flappy bird type games (simple games that most devs can make in a couple days). They almost always fail unless you capitalize at the peak moment of the current trend. The success of flappy was 1/million. 

I know companies that you could potentially partner with to get a downloads boost (in fact I'm working with one of them for a game I am going to release soon myself). However I can't openly discuss this here. It just goes beyond my agreement with them. If you have a much more polished or developed game I would be happy to refer your game to them. You can send me a PM.

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Thank you @Arnold 

I wonder how much is good number of downloads per month for popular game? What do you get with partnering with the big guys (not asking for confidential information, just some basics)

I am still in a learning and testing the market phase so I prefer small games from a popular niche. Not flappy bird but certain types of games can bring money even if not polished. And can be used for testing how players respond and so on. 

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