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The same code why did my people move their legs under the ground?


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Hiya SL.  I don't have any solutions, but I decided to make a playground, as best I could.


"Dude" (the player) starts in good position, but press some 'z' or 's' keys, and into the mud he sinks.  :)

I think I'll ping @Dad72 and see if he wishes to comment.  I think he is an expert with this scene (and he's an expert for many other BJS topics, too).

It IS spring time... snow melt-off, spring rains, etc.  Perhaps our heightMap terrains are muddy and won't hold walkers.  :) (just kidding, of course).

Thanks for the report, SL.  Interesting find.  I'll keep thinking/testing, and so will others.  Stay tuned.

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