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Question about framerate.


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Let's say I have a ball (think of pong). 

And that ball has a very high velocity, such as (1000, 600) or something, whatever. 

The faster this ball moves, it would appear that the ball leaves a trail of itself making it hard to see. 

Is this a human eye thing or can I fix it?

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Sounds to me like your monitor just has a slow reaction time. Check the specs of it, it's measured in milliseconds.
I'm not talking about the screen refresh rate which is measured in Hertz.

My monitor does the same thing, because it has a slow reaction time of huge 10 ms or more.
The same happens when i scroll on a website - text gets a bit blurry while i scroll and everything else gets trails.
It's because it has no TN panel but an IPS one. They're slower but have much better colors, almost like OLED.

If that's the case at you, then there's nothing you can do about it besides using another monitor.
That would also mean, that you can't prevent that for other players if their screens have slow reaction times, too. At least i don't know how.

Very fast screens have reaction times of 1 or 2 ms or less.

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