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.babylon animations array


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I have a .babylon file exported from blender with a rotation animation but when I try to load it (I have tried both addMeshTask() and ImportMesh()) I get a "position animation" with zero values and "scaling animation" with fixed values. This cause me a problem when I call beginAnimation() because I'm not able to scale and position the model in my scene. Moreover when I edit the file and remove the "position animation" and "scaling animation" the engine somehow loads them again (even with cleaning cache).



Why there are these animations added? Is it something wrong with my export in blender?

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Yes,  all three of these have always been written, before I was working on the exporter.  For Mesh actions, the exporter can tell which frames are actually in the action & only export those frames. If you can live with linear actions, you can pull out all but the first - last frames, or some other removal combination.

The exporter does not directly read the the animation keys, but rather sort of "plays" the animation & pulls the values off the mesh.  This is easier than reading the keys, but does not make it easy to know what type of keys are involved.

I now know how to read (& write) animation keys.  I'll think about looping thru the keys to determine what is actually being used in the future, but not now.  I thought you could delete those out of the file.  @Deltakosh, that is possible, right?

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1 hour ago, JCPalmer said:

Do an sanity check by changing the name of the file, or switching to a browser you have not loaded this on before.

Yes, this is working but how is this explained? I mean why efter cleaning the cache there are still remainings? And why do I need to rename the file each time? Is there any workaround to this?

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