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Grunt Build And Serve Docs Failure


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While trying. to Build and server the latest docs. I get the rolling error. 


UPDATE: Solved... Was nodejs 10. Downgraded nodes back to 8.x LTS


Mac-Pro:Docs mackey$ npm install
added 604 packages from 636 contributors in 16.29s
Mac-Pro:Docs mackey$ grunt build
(node:1358) ExperimentalWarning: The http2 module is an experimental API.
Running "clean:json" (clean) task
>> 0 paths cleaned.

Running "typedoc:build" (typedoc) task

Using TypeScript 2.7.2 from /Users/Mackey/Projects/Docs/node_modules/typescript/lib
Rendering [========================================] 100%

Documentation generated at /Users/Mackey/Projects/Docs/public/html/api

Running "execute:compileIndex" (execute) task
-> executing module /Users/Mackey/Projects/Docs/scripts/compile-html/compile-html-index.js
2018-05-06T04:24:50.675Z - info: > Index.html compiled.
2018-05-06T04:24:50.793Z - info: > Playground.html compiled.
2018-05-06T04:24:50.883Z - info: > search.html compiled.
2018-05-06T04:24:50.884Z - info: > api.html compiled.
-> completed /Users/Mackey/Projects/Docs/scripts/compile-html/compile-html-index.js (668ms)

>> 1 file and 0 calls executed (1107ms)

Running "execute:compileExamples" (execute) task
-> module call undefined
2018-05-06T04:24:51.768Z - info: > examples.html compiled.
-> completed (837ms)

>> 0 files and 1 call executed (878ms)

Running "copy:exampleIcons" (copy) task
Created 1 directory, copied 115 files

Running "execute:compileWhatsNew" (execute) task
-> executing module /Users/Mackey/Projects/Docs/scripts/compile-html/compile-html-whats-new.js
2018-05-06T04:24:52.117Z - info: > Whats-new.html compiled.
-> completed /Users/Mackey/Projects/Docs/scripts/compile-html/compile-html-whats-new.js (111ms)

>> 1 file and 0 calls executed (152ms)

Running "execute:compileHtmlStatics" (execute) task
-> module call undefined
grunt[1358]: ../src/node_contextify.cc:631:static void node::contextify::ContextifyScript::New(const FunctionCallbackInfo<v8::Value> &): Assertion `args[1]->IsString()' failed.
 1: node::Abort() [/usr/local/bin/node]
 2: node::InternalCallbackScope::~InternalCallbackScope() [/usr/local/bin/node]
 3: node::contextify::ContextifyScript::New(v8::FunctionCallbackInfo<v8::Value> const&) [/usr/local/bin/node]
 4: v8::internal::FunctionCallbackArguments::Call(v8::internal::CallHandlerInfo*) [/usr/local/bin/node]
 5: v8::internal::MaybeHandle<v8::internal::Object> v8::internal::(anonymous namespace)::HandleApiCallHelper<true>(v8::internal::Isolate*, v8::internal::Handle<v8::internal::HeapObject>, v8::internal::Handle<v8::internal::HeapObject>, v8::internal::Handle<v8::internal::FunctionTemplateInfo>, v8::internal::Handle<v8::internal::Object>, v8::internal::BuiltinArguments) [/usr/local/bin/node]
 6: v8::internal::Builtin_Impl_HandleApiCall(v8::internal::BuiltinArguments, v8::internal::Isolate*) [/usr/local/bin/node]
 7: 0x3ea46fd0427d
Abort trap: 6


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