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what is the difference of clone and BABYLON.InstancedMesh?


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i am new 

find an article that tell me prefer use the BABYLON.InstancedMesh to make more mesh 


however ,i see other code that use mesh.clone 

what are those two function difference ?

in what situation ,we use it?


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- an instance is like a copy of the base object (which serves as a reference). if you modify the base object (textures for example) all instances are modified, copies can not be modified.

- If you create a clone, it's also a copy, but each copy can be edited and have their own editable textures. You can also create another clone from a clone, which is not possible with instances.

Instance creation is the most efficient if you do not need to modify them, otherwise prefer the cloning that creates new editable mesh. Cloning avoids reloading the same object and is therefore faster.

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