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Scene observables firing order


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it is deterministic :)

- onBeforeAnimationsObservable

- onAfterAnimationsObservable

- onBeforePhysicsObservable

- onAfterPhysicsObservable

- onBeforeRenderObservable

- onBeforeRenderTargetsRenderObservable

- onAfterRenderTargetsRenderObservable

- onBeforeCameraRenderObservable

- onBeforeActiveMeshesEvaluationObservable

- onAfterActiveMeshesEvaluationObservable

- onBeforeParticlesRenderingObservable

- onAfterParticlesRenderingObservable

- onBeforeRenderTargetsRenderObservable

- onAfterRenderTargetsRenderObservable

- onBeforeDrawPhaseObservable

- onAfterDrawPhaseObservable

- onAfterCameraRenderObservable

- onAfterRenderObservable


I would really appreciate if someone would be kind enough to update the doc with this info :)

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onReady, onDataLoaded, onBeforeStep, onAfterStep, onDispose ?    Just curious - pondering why not.  :)  Are they unloved?  (sniff)

It still doesn't add-up.  In-doc search for 'new Observable<Scene>' in https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/babylon.scene.ts ... reports 21 hits.  @Deltakosh list is 18.  I added 5.  That's 23.  What the heck?   I think I have a bent abacus  (I'm screwing-up somehow).  :) 

Ya just can't 'count-on' ANYTHING, these days.  It just doesn't add-up.  heh

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- onAfterStep and onBeforeStep are a special option when dealing with deterministic step. So I preferred just ignoring it

- onDispose is not in the renderloop per se but just called when the scene is disposed

- OnReady is not in the renderloop per se but just called when the scene is loaded

- Same for onDataLoaded

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Oh, by the way... Hi Theodox... welcome to the forum!  Good to have ya!

List added...


Needs approval/adjusting, then docs build-into-html, eventually.

Observ-ables, animat-ables, vari-ables, there sure are lots of 'ables' around this place.  :)

How about a new system for doing matrix transformations?  Transformers and transform-ables!

errr... maybe not.  :)

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