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Pixelart while moving it gets blurry


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I was trying with Phaser where i saw that this gets some kind of blurred when moving (ingame) 
Testet it in Canvas & WebGL both had the same result
then i tried it to setting `pixelArt` to false in the gameconfig and when i tried it then, it worked smooth,  but it seemd that it had activated some kind of antialiasing so it got washed-out but the moving was smooth 

Phaser 3.8
(Original) Tileset tiles 16x16 (no spaceing / margin)
(Extruded) Tileset tiles 16x15 (1px margin / 2px spaceing)
Map made with Tiled
Vivaldi & Chrome & Windows Edge
Tileset Extruder: https://github.com/sporadic-labs/tile-extruder
Code Example / Project: https://github.com/hasezoey/phaser-tiled-test
Original Question: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/3685 (moved to here)

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