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Use PixiJs Spine with transparent background ?


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Hi Team !

I'm building a new project and I just discovered PixiJs that could match my needs !
But not sure, I need to know if it's do-able :

Can I use PixiJs spine animations (eg : the goblin below) with a transparent background : and display it on my website ?
What I want to do, is that when my users will be on my website (video game website), the goblin comes to the screen and start talking to them, but still with my website in background :)
(The goblin will be like this characters in video games that tell you the story about why you're here, ie prof. Chen in pokemon ;))

Thanks a lot !


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yes, this kind of process can be done using 2 way in my opinion.

1: If you are an good animator and know well afterEffect, simply use
spriteSheetanimations from pixijs and load with texturePacker json,
You will have unequaled performance, and in addition to enjoying the software filter FX(motionBlur).
Also easy rigging with free plugin DUIK.


2: If you want a complex animation but interactive and easy to manage (interactive scripting).
Use Spine2D
Hard for performance but it is very easy interactivity to manage and ivan did a very good plugin for the runtime.

The 2 approach requires you to study complex scripting.

for game context i choose option #2 , but for webcontext i choose option #1

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