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Game is not defined?


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Hey guys!

I'm making a game based on states.

This is my Game.js (1st stage) fil starts with this. 

var SpaceChicken = SpaceChicken || {};

The problem is, everything is working except 2 functions. I have a function where you can pickUp boxes but the game crashes whenever i pick it up telling me this error: "image.png.e681389e0a967b20a9ef779f63e07a87.png"

The code i've used looks like this:


i have tried putting player.addChild(this.game.make.sprite(25, -150, 'box')); but then it says same error, just with this.make is not defined


Any solutions or ideas to prevent this?


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Well, this it what i would have to replace it with?

And then it obviously won't work. It's weird that it says it isnt defined, when i alreadt defined it? But when i take my gaming code out of the state anatomy, it works fine

state image.PNG

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Sorry im really, really noob at phaser. Only been working with it for 1 week.

How exactly do I know if a variable is global?

And if I do add the window.spacechicken, what changes do i have to do in the code, cause it says spacechiken.game undefined.

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console.log(window.SpaceChicken === SpaceChicken);

If that's true then SpaceChicken is already a global variable.

You don't have to do much different in the other code, you can just use 

var game = SpaceChicken.game;

to get a reference to the game in places where it's not available. 

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