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Hi All,

Is there a workflow I could use PhpStorm to help get deeper context sensitive auto completion?  Detach the game window maybe?  Or is it a case of using the browser and PhpStorm editor separately?  I like the game window, very handy ;)

I very much love the Panda 2 but I'm finding myself flitting back and forth a lot onto the Panda 2 wesbite and losing track of where I am, be great to have more autocomplete goodness to help minimise that.


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I've setup PhpStorm (has the same JS handling as WebStorm) and the autocomplete is pretty confusing  (to me anyway).  I think this is more a JS thing though it being dynamic an all.  Trade-off's of typed languages I guess as it has less information to work with.

That aside still finding JS pretty wild to be honest, the flexibility is cool an all but I find hunting round code frustrating.  For instance simple things like being able to jump to the implementation of a method/function don't seem to work with WebStorm when looking at my game code.  Not a Panda 2 issue but it would really help to learn things quickly.  I also use another game engine and I have useful autocomplete in it with hints etc.  Hover over a function and press F1 to show docs regarding it and so on, made working with it really nice from a code point of view.  Some other things as well.

I don't want to name drop other engines as I don't think its fair, Panda 2 is awesome, but awesome can always be more awesomer :) :)  @enpu If you want to PM me (or chat more here if you don't mind me mentioning other engines) I can tell you the engine and what features and why I find them useful.

Cheers :)

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I do agree that the autocomplete of the editor could be a lot better. It would be great if it would hint you methods and properties of specific class alongside with their description and parameters, though i'm not sure if that is entirely possible with JavaScript.


I found this which looks interesting, will definitely put some time on this and look for possible options.

Currently you can highlight (double click is a fast way) class name in the editor and then press the documentation button in the bottom left of the editor, that will open url in your browser that directs to documentation of that specific class.


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Cheers @enpu,

I didn't know that with the highlighting and docs button, very handy!  A lot of whats tricky with JavaScript is actually what makes it cool at the very same time, definitely finding it to be a double edged sword! :)

The code hinting link you put up would be really nice to have.  Not the end of the world not to have but helps when learning for sure.

Spending a little time here is helping me find my feet with JS https://www.w3schools.com/js/

Regardless, I'm enjoying my time with Panda 2 very much.

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