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Blurry Image after setting anchor to .5


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Hi All,

I have encountered a strange problem. I am creating two sprites from the same image. For one anchor is default 0 and for another it is set to 0.5,0.5. The sprite with anchor set to 0.5 looks blurry. For both the sprites x and y set to whole number. Now for the blurry sprite if I add .5 to both x and y position it looks sharp again. But my other images goes a bit blurry if I add 0.5 to x or y position. What might be the issue?

Thanks in advance.


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Is the texture width or height an odd number? That would explain the situation.

If that's the case then I know few ways to fix it.

- Use pivot point with x:Math.round( width/2), y:Math.round(height/2) instead of anchor.
- Calculate anchor point so that no half pixels are needed: x: Math.round(width/2)/width, y: Math.round(height/2)/height.

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For the second image here are the values :

Position :: x = 580 :: y = 258 :: bounds == {"x":386.5,"y":-0.5,"width":387,"height":517,"type":1}

though x and y are in whole number the bound x and y are in decimal. How to fix this, any idea?

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