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Infinite car game


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Hi everyone,

I'm assigned to work on a project to create an infinite car game for children. The game feeling is something like this:


The game will consist of obstacles and prizes. It'll also have tunnels and bridges, etc.

I first started working with Unity in 3D, but I hit a roadblock because the game needs to run on a mobile browser without any necessary downloads and Unity's WebGL support on mobile devices is poor. 

I'm now looking into 2D development. I've looked at Phaser and Godot but not sure how they perform on mobile devices.

Any suggestion is appreciated.. I'm not familiar with game development so if there are examples of similar games which work well on mobile devices that would be great. What route would you guys take if you are assigned to work on such project?

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You've done well starting there - I think the codeincomplete tutorial is one of the finest out there.  And it includes accompanying MIT licensed source code and github link - a perfect starting point.  It also references Lou's pseudo 3d page which is fun reading on the broader subject and introduction to retro 2.5D engines and beyond ...


HTML5 canvas results can be quite convincing when combined with further visual effects, and optimal enough to run on mobile devices without the need for WebGL:


Mastering this 2.5D illusion might take several attempts (probably a month or two for a newcomer?).  If your project's budget might accommodate specialist third party involvement, give me a shout and I might be able to help.

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