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Drag into container and out again


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Hello All

I trying to make a object be dragged into a container and then be a child of this container like this:

//places in a pointerup event

let bl = otc.skeleton.findBone("left-hand-bone");

            let point = oc.toGlobal({
                'x': bl.x,
                'y': bl.y

            this.position.set(point.x - (oc.width - 5), point.y - (oc.height - 30));

            // oCon.toLocal(this.position, this.parent, this.newPosition);//this i did not manage to get to work
            oc.addChild(this);//the container where drop the object(this)

            this.position.set(point.x - (oc.width - 30), point.y - (oc.height + 30));

And work fairly ? But then when i want to drag the object out of the container again i gives me som problems:

//placed in a pointerdown event

if (globals.objectUsed) { // if the object is dragged to the new container in first place

  oCon.addChild(this); // send it back to its original container

            this.position.set(e.data.getLocalPosition(oCon).x, e.data.getLocalPosition(oCon).y);
            globals.objectUsed = false;
            isIntersected = false;


It´s kind of work. But the idea is that when the object is placed the first time and I want to drag it back to the original container its should happend when I startDrag(pointerdown), but i have to wait for the pointerup otherwise I still drag the object in its parent container (whichs is having a drag method. Could anyone guide be in the right direction it would be so nice ... hopefully me explaining  its not to much rubbish ?

Regards Lars

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