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Blender workflow for camera positioning


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Does anyone have any nice workflow suggestions for setting camera positions in Blender scene and loading scene into babylon.js?

I am curious whether it is better to set camera positions in code or define their positions in the blender scene.  To me it makes sense to position them in blender, but I am curious if there are any "gotchas" or recommendations.. 




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Really depends on whether on you are going to load multiple .babylons or not.  You could dedicate one export for each mesh, and use SceneLoader.Append() without a callback for each, then put a scene.executeWhenReady() at the end of the list.  In that case, could be a kludge which .babylon had the camera, unless it was an arcrotate  or follow type.

Makes most sense when the entire scene is a single .babylon.

Btw, in Blender it can make sense to have lights, but in the multiple .blend per scene scenario, you might not want to export them.  You can put lights on a separate level.  When working in Blender, make sure that layer is one selected for viewing materials.  When exporting, set the exporter for selected layers only, and un-select the layer when exporting.

One final scenario is when you have all your non-moving meshes together in one mesh, like a background set.  It would be a good idea to have the camera & lights in that .blend / .babylon.  All the moving meshes / characters you have their own .blend / .babylon.

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