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Sticky Collision 1.1.5


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Hey guys,

I updated to 1.1.5 because i was having some issues with the 1.1.4 collision (sprite vs sprite) overlapping with each other, after updating this is no longer a problem... HOWEVER it seems that now if I have 2 sprites falling at the same rate which were collided before the drop... them seem to cling to each other, causing the drop (gravity) to stick and move at an incredibly reduced rate. Is there any means to fix this?


Or is there perhaps a way to remove the collision between two objects are they have already collided?


Example: Player standing on a falling platform.


Thanks in advance


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I figured it out, You can prevent the additional collision but turning off the check collision parameter, in my case it was:


BasicGame.diceSet.setAll('body.checkCollision.up', false); 

This prevents the two sprites colliding in the air and gravity will still work, causing the two objects to drop at the same rate.

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