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Memory leak when loading json files


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Hi dev friends,

I'm making a game using a custom tool to import animation from Toonboom into PIXI.js. The animation files generate are HUGE json files (sometimes around 7mb) per animated puppet I create. I'm using the PIXI default json loader to load this files though I'm having a lot of problems with memory performance. After a little investigation, I think my main problem now is some sort of XmlHttpRequest cache that is taking up all my memory and it's not being collected by the GC. Is there a way to bypass xhr cache? Or maybe the problem is somewhere else?


Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 14.16.22.png

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XHR caches do not consume memory in your application space.

Are you calling loader.reset() to have it clear the leader.resources object when you no longer need it to keep them? If not anything you load through the loader will be hanging around until you do because we can't know when you are done with it.

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