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imported blender .babylon mesh/scene axis' off


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17 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

Did you try the debugLayer I shown ? It clear helps debugging

So if I choose the imported mesh that I want to rotate then I click the wrench, it shows the x,y,z axis' for that mesh to be off the mesh.  I think this is what dbawel was talking about fixing but I couldn't figure out.


It also seems as though the axis' of that mesh are just points since they don't really have length that I can tell.  if they do the length is small.

It also looks like the Y and Z axis' are switched with each, like they would have been in blender.  Yet when I rotate around the y or z it rotates around the y non matter what... well the up down axis...


rotation isNonUniform is true... but thats read only.



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            meshes[0].setPivotMatrix(BABYLON.Matrix.Translation(-1, -1, -1));

did not seem to change where the object pivots relative to itself but relative to the world.

if I use:




It will actually rotate around a Z axis, but If I use:


It does not rotate about a Z axis, it rotates about a Y axis (still not at its centre, off to the side)


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Thanks for all the help guys!

But I figured out my own "hacky" way...


Heres how I did it, 

Assume the red cube is the trouble, the meshes[0] that has its pivot point off its actual mesh.  So then I make another cube(called sphere) and I put that cube on the position of the redCube.  So we have two cubes one cube is red and the other is grey and not touching the red one.  then I set a cube to when the actual mesh seems to be and make it the parent of the grey cube, and I make the grey cube the parent of the redCube (not sure why I couldn't just use one cube and make it the parent...).  Then I rotate the green cube and it make the grey cube orbit it(kinda).  This makes the redCube Turn since its origin point it moving. 


I think, point is it works...


I will still look into this docs to see if there is a better way to do it.


Thanks everyone,


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