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file incremental and associated resources


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I have a scene file of a small town and when I use the tool to convert to incremental, I have the file incremental.babylon generate but I do not have the files .babylonmeshdata and .babylongeometrydata

is this normal? I thought his files there had to be generate too.  Because the files are the same except that one is .incremental.babylon and the other .babylon. And when I test one and the other, the result is the same thing.

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Yes that's what seemed to me, I was asking the question not seeing his files available.

I also wondered if it's not because in 3ds max, I created "poly editable" and not "mesh editable" (I do not know if it changes anything, I have not tried, but I have less face with poly editable, so I prefer this modifier)

I use the MakeIncremental from the depot of the exporters :


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I now come from trying with a simple model (a small boat) and the data files not being generated. So it's when it's a mesh. geometry it's works.

I hope it helps.

I made a small update of the file cs which makes it possible to define an exit way. I will send it to the depot.


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Ok, I understood what goes this time by proceeding by elimination.

If I check checkCollision, it creates this problem. So that comes from that. 

I try with and without several models with diffuse texture, spec and bump. with simple material and multimaterial and that's when I check CheckColllision that I do not have the meshdata file to generate.

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