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pointerover/touch not working on mobile browser


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I am making a game that requires the pointerover event, but on mobile devices its not working, I have tried touchMove but its behavior is really weird on the browsers and seems like there's a bug in the library, can anyone provide a second thought on this?

Thank you.

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    var isSupportPassive = Utils.isSupportPassiveEvent();
    document.addEventListener('mousedown', this._onMouseDown.bind(this));
    document.addEventListener('mousemove', this._onMouseMove.bind(this));
    document.addEventListener('mouseup', this._onMouseUp.bind(this));
    document.addEventListener('wheel', this._onWheel.bind(this));
    document.addEventListener('touchstart', this._onTouchStart.bind(this), isSupportPassive ? {passive: false} : false);
    document.addEventListener('touchmove', this._onTouchMove.bind(this), isSupportPassive ? {passive: false} : false);
    document.addEventListener('touchend', this._onTouchEnd.bind(this));
    document.addEventListener('touchcancel', this._onTouchCancel.bind(this));
    document.addEventListener('pointerdown', this._onPointerDown.bind(this));


also take a look on the new device usb debugger in the developer tool



i not yet tested but you can connect your device with usb to emulate your app on your device, similar at what INTEL XDK  can do.

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for isSupportPassiveEvent

Utils._supportPassiveEvent = null;
 * Test this browser support passive event feature
 * @static
 * @method isSupportPassiveEvent
 * @return {Boolean} this browser support passive event or not
Utils.isSupportPassiveEvent = function() {
    if (typeof Utils._supportPassiveEvent === "boolean") {
        return Utils._supportPassiveEvent;
    // test support passive event
    // https://github.com/WICG/EventListenerOptions/blob/gh-pages/explainer.md#feature-detection
    var passive = false;
    var options = Object.defineProperty({}, "passive", {
        get: function() { passive = true; }
    window.addEventListener("test", null, options);
    Utils._supportPassiveEvent = passive;
    return passive;


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`pointerover` (and similar events) work on mobile when the finger is down, but you must opt into that behavior. For example, once `pointerdown` fires, if you move your finger, you can use `pointerover` as it moves onto different elements.

See here for details:


Here is a demo that works on mobile (drag with your finger starting on the cell on which the cube is):


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