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Rubber Plane... Glued-to Camera Lens


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I lowered the rez in line 141... lookin' a little better.

I'll let ya do whatever you like, of course.

Don't think too deep, here... this is Wingnut.  Deep is not something easily found around Wingnut.  :D

Just looking-at how "cleanly" I can switch a pile of GUI controls... from full-screen... to texture-based, and back.  Nothing very deep.

Mostly for... um... fancy panel-flies and other fun.  Think about if each of these panels was a 4x4 matrix.  A guy might want to fly them into each other... multiplying them as they impact... leaving the result matrix when the dust clears... then fly it back to fullscreen... for further editing or whatever.

Truth is, I can PROBABLY work-with ONLY texture-based panels, even when I fly the panel back-to SIMULATED full-screen.  Still thinkin' and dreamin'.  :)  YOU (p8) allowed "simulated full-screen" to exist... with the magic plane. 

But Dylan had some interesting mad-scientist ideas, eh?  Shooting rays along the edges of the camera frustum... that's... gruesome.  I once lit my apartment building on-fire... trying things like that.  FUN!  Burned some hair on my dog's tail, too!  heh.

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